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Welcome to Princess America Pageants! As the fastest growing event in pageantry, The P.A.P. Program is not only an outstanding opportunity for young women across the United States to compete for scholarship assistance, but also gives them the chance to gain the experience to compete in future events, not to mention the confidence to fulfill their individual potential.

Princess America Pageants is not associated with any other national system or event, therefore you can use this as a fundraiser for whatever system you choose to involve yourself with.

Local and state pageants will fall under the rules and regulations of Princess America Pageants in terms of the NATIONAL competition. State competitions however are not affiliated with the national event other than name recognition/usage and phases of competition required to be held. Partial funds raised by the local, state, and national P.A. Pageants will be used to fund scholarships for deserving young people according to guidelines established by the Organization’s Board of Directors in accordance with Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations.

Princess America Pageants consist of three divisions which include Junior Teen Princess America (National Junior Teen) (13 - 15 years of age) Teen Princess America (National Teen) (16 - 18 years of age) and Miss Princess America (National Miss) (19 - 26 years of age).

It is MANDATORY that all state pageants hold a competition for ALL THREE age divisions unless express written consent is given by the national pageant office. OFFICIAL crowns and banners MUST be worn at all events associated with the representation of the state and/or national event. In order to qualify your contestants for the national pageant, the entry fee for the three contestants MUST be paid IN FULL within 30 days of the crowning of your state titleholders. (Entry fee is $1000 per contestant if producing a state pageant) Crowns MUST be ordered through the national office. Sashes are to be ordered by the state directors and at their cost. (Banners must adhere to national regulations, colors, guidelines, etc) Contact our Liason for State Directors (See below) for detailed information. Complete state fee is only $1000 per delegate to nationals.

States may have more than one representative in each division, (not to exceed three), but NOT using the same title. For example, Oklahoma may have an OKLAHOMA MISS, a SOONER STATE MISS, and a TULSA MISS. State pageants may negotiate within their contract that there are to be no other titleholders from that state.

Local and State pageants MUST submit copies of all score sheets, including judges' comments (if any) and copies of official auditors tabulations and scores, with signatures, no more than 30 days past the conclusion of the state event. Official SAMPLE score sheets including the national rules and regulations, as well as procedures and protocol can be obtained from our Liason to State Directors/Pageants.

CONTESTANT paperwork not submitted and signed/witnessed AT the national pageant is invalid.

A state's participation with the national event is to be negotiated and approved on a year to year basis.

Princess America Pageants and its Board of Directors reserves the right to amend any and all of the rules & regulations, phases of competition, event dates & locations, schedules, etc. set forth by the national office.

Once your entry fees are in, you will begin receiving information regarding the national event. ALL communication regarding your states participation with the national event will be directed through our Liason to State Pageants, Mrs. Ann Harmon ([email protected])

Contestant applications can be found under our NEWS tab at the bottom of the page. Please copy and print, fill out, and mail in along with each of your contestants' 5x7 identification headshot and entry fee. Applications may also be emailed to [email protected] Applications may only be ONE PAGE. Headshots and applications may be changed until _______________.

ALL state pageants which serve as official preliminaries to the national competition MUST fall under our name, PRINCESS (STATE NAME) PAGEANTS - (STATE NAME) MISS, (STATE NAME) TEEN, (STATE NAME) JUNIOR TEEN 20__.

Princess America Pageants, Princess Alabama Pageants, Princess Alaska Pageants, Princess Arizona Pageants, Princess Arkansas Pageants, Princess California Pageants, Princess Colorado Pageants, Princess Connecticut Pageants, Princess Delaware Pageants, Princess Florida Pageants, Princess Georgia Pageants, Princess Hawaii Pageants, Princess Idaho Pageants, Princess Illinois Pageants, Princess Indiana Pageants, Princess Iowa Pageants, Princess Kansas Pageants,  Princess Kentucky Pageants, Princess Louisiana Pageants, Princess Maine Pageants, Princess Maryland Pageants, Princess Massachusetts Pageants, Princess Michigan Pageants, Princess Minnesota Pageants, Princess Mississippi Pageants, Princess Missouri Pageants, Princess Montana Pageants, Princess Nebraska Pageants, Princess Nevada Pageants, Princess New Hampshire Pageants, Princess New Mexico Pageants, Princess New York Pageants, Princess North Carolina Pageants, Princess North Dakota Pageants, Princess Ohio Pageants, Princess Oklahoma Pageants, Princess Oregon Pageants, Princess Pennsylvania Pageants, Princess Rhode Island Pageants, Princess South Carolina Pageants, Princess South Dakota Pageants, Princess Tennessee Pageants, Princess Texas Pagenats, Princess Utah Pageants, Princess Vermont Pageants, Princess Virginia Pageants, Princess Washington Pageants, Princess West Virginia Pageants, Princess Wisconsin Pageants, Princess Wyoming Pageants, Princess Puerto Rico Pageants, Princess Virgin Island Pageants, Princess Guam Pageants are trademark pending titles solely owned and operated by the Princess America Pageant system. In order to use the aforementioned titles you must receive written permission from the Princess America Pageant Office of Operations.

PRINCESS AMERICA PAGEANTS is registered with the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF STATE DIVISION OF CORPORATIONS. Currently under ACTIVE status, Princess America Pageants (Registration Number G0900165986) was registered and filed on 10/16/2009 and Teen Princess America, Junior Teen Princess America, and Miss Princess America and several state titles thereof were registered and copyrighted in 1994.

For more information, please send a brief resume or letter of intent indicating your reasons for interest in becoming a state director to:

[email protected]














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